About Softball

This blog is going to be based about the sport softball, and what you should do depending on your level in softball.

I have been playing softball for 3 years now and I have learned a lot through the experience of playing on 4 different teams two different recreational teams, a Godard bells team, and the team i’m on now a tournament team.

How experienced are you in softball?:

  • Starting a softball team I would recommend a recreational team because they are not very competitive and very easy to learn on.
  • Getting into more experience on softball a good recommendation is probably a not very competitive fall ball team.
  • Then if you have more experience in softball I would recommend either a all year round team or a tournament team.
  • After having all the experience you think you need, just start trying out for teams and go for one you like.

There are just a couple of tips that might help you if you are struggling or questioning what you should do for you, in softball.

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